Thursday, 18 October 2012

Madball - Rebellion E.P. (2012)

1. You Reap What You Sow 3:09
2. The Beast 2:09
3. Rebellion 2:36
4. My Blood 2:24
5. Get Out 0:54
6. It's My Life 0:57
Total Time: 12:07

Madball have been a staple band in the New York hardcore scene (NYHC!) for over 20 years now, consistently putting out great hardcore albums. Now after releasing "Empire" in 2010 to much acclaim, they're back and more pissed off than ever, if that's possible, with their new E.P. "Rebellion".

Starting off with the rumbling bassline of "You Reap What You Sow" courtesy of bassist Hoya, it isn't long before the aggression bursts through and gives you a fierce blow straight to the head, Freddie Cricien's familiar yell full of hatred and hostility. This entire E.P. is extremely riff heavy and it pays off, I can see any of these tracks becoming future live favourites.

"The Beast", full of that signature Madball swagger and energy, tells us a story about struggling with inner demons, being "in the belly of a beast that I can't tame". This is the high standard of hardcore songwriting fans have come to expect from the band over the years and once again they don't disappoint.

Title track "Rebellion" really does stand out as a title track should, thanks to the groovy as fuck verse riff. I defy you to listen without nodding your fucking head, it's that infectious.

"My Blood" is frontman Freddie's tribute to his son, and the joy his child has brought into his life. It's about as heartfelt as a hardcore song can get, which isn't much, but it's nice to see Madball touch on a slightly more sensitive subject, and it definitely makes a very catchy addition to this E.P.

The final two tracks, "Get Out" and "It's My Life", are Re-Recordings of songs from Madball's debut E.P. "Ball Of Destruction" in 1989, both of which fit in nicely along with their more recent work. It's nice to see that this band have stayed true to their values throughout their career, unlike a lot of bands that have lasted as long as they have. Both of the final songs clock in at under a minute and the ferocity of early NYHC is apparent from the very first second of each.

Hardcore has been a passion of mine for several years now and Madball were the band that started it all for me along with Biohazard, and while my liking for Biohazard may have fluctuated over the years, my admiration and love of Madball has been constant. This E.P. is nearly flawless in my opinion, the only thing I wish is that it were slightly longer, although considering this is a hardcore band I realise the inherent irony in my previous statement. However, there is not a weak track on this E.P., and Madball has delivered once again, so I look forward to whatever Cricien and the boys have planned next.


Check this out if: You like Madball, or you want to see Hardcore done right.

For fans of: Madball, Biohazard, NYHC in general
Rebellion is out now on The BNB Label (7 inches only) or on iTunes

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