Friday, 12 October 2012

Bands To Watch: Vext - Impermanence E.P. (2012)

01. In The End 4:19
02. Crush 4:04
03. Hourglass 3:50
04. Exit Wounds 4:19
Total Time: 16:30

I like to think I can recognise talent when I see/hear it. And when I first happened upon Divine Heresy's debut album "Bleed the Fifth" back in 2008, I knew Dino Cazares had stumbled on something special in vocalist Tommy Vext. With a strong scream and soaring, powerful clean vocals, Tommy made the album a favourite of mine for a considerable period. Sadly he left the band before I got to see him in action live. And now, after a brief period as vocalist for unsung punk/nu metal heroes Snot, he returns with his own band, simply dubbed "Vext". 

 This is a band that knows its strengths and plays to them. Simple melodic metal with a slight core influence is what's on the menu here, and these guys nail it. This E.P., while short and hopefully only a taster of what's to come, contains some of the most passionately melodic vocals I've heard in a long time.

"In The End" begins with a driving midpace riff that slows into a melodic chorus and is punctuated with a lovely solo. Guitarist Angel Vivaldi (cool name right?) is definitely skilled and manages to put plenty of catchiness and emotion into his solos. "Crush" changes things up from the 1st song, starting slow with just Vext's passionate vocals, telling a tale of lost love and moving on, and you can really hear the pain and emotion in his vocals, one reason I'm a big fan of his vocal style.

The first songs set the tone, but the final pair of "Hourglass" and "Exit Wounds" are the highlights for me. Soaring ballads with exquisite choruses reminiscent of Divine Heresy's softer moments (Closure from the debut album in particular) I find it hard to resist belting out the chorus when either track comes on.

The rhythm section of Vext, comprising ex-Mutiny Within members Bill Fore and Andrew Jacobs, are really locked in and keep the rhythm pounding the entire duration of this E.P. without ever sounding boring.

I can't really speak ill of this band when they offer up such a promising debut release. I would advise anyone who's a fan of heavy music with melodic vocals to give this band a go, especially considering how cheap it is. The fact that I managed to get a signed copy for no extra charge, and to have it mailed to me in England from America altogether for $10 (£6.50) is fantastic in my opinion. Definitely a band to watch and hopefully one day a new force to be reckoned with in the metal world.


Check this out if: You like heavy music with melodic vocals, you miss the old Divine Heresy.

For fans of: Divine Heresy, Mutiny Within.
Impermanence is available on iTunes or here for a signed physical copy

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