Thursday, 18 October 2012

Architects - Daybreaker (2012)

And now comes Aaron's review of English metalcore mob Architects' latest album, "Daybreaker". Enjoy...

1. The Bitter End 2:55
2. Alpha Omega 3:55
3. These Colours Don't Run 4:01
4. Daybreak 3:32
5. Truth, Be Told 4:31
6. Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat 3:12
7. Outsider Heart 3:27
8. Behind The Throne 4:08
9. Devil's Island 4:06
10. Feather Of Lead 2:50
11. Unbeliever 4:44
Total Time: 41:21

Many English bands going are underrated and underappreciated, especially in the metalcore scene… No one more tragically so than Brighton’s Architects. However with the release of their unforgiving, no holds barred, politically charged 5th album "Daybreaker", all that should soon be about to change. With any luck this band should soon be given the recognition they so rightly deserve on an international level.

Consisting of the Sam Carter on vocals (who replaced original frontman Matt Johnson for the band’s 2nd album Ruin), Twins Dan & Tom Searle of Drums and Guitar/keyboards respectively, Tim Hillier-Brook on guitar (who has now sadly departed from the fold), and Alex Dean completing the line up on Bass. This tight knit group of talented young musicians currently make some of the best metalcore albums of current times. Daybreaker is no exception. From miniscule beginnings in Brighton they have become one of the most critically acclaimed and respected bands of the genre, yet still aren’t as recognised as their peers such as Bring Me the Horizon, when quite frankly Architects are in a whole other league to BMTH both musically & artistically.

From the moment opening track "The Bitter End" kicks in it creates a mesmeric, anthemic atmosphere that has you firmly in its clutches throughout this monolithic album. After the remarkably peaceful start the albums proceeds to bludgeon you with about seventeen tonnes of unforgiving truly heavy metalcore. My highlights of the album would have to include "These Colours Don’t Run" "Devil’s Island" and "Feather of Lead". "These Colours Don’t Run" is a fast paced politically driven furious song that drives a bullet right into the heart of America’s overly capitalist society, smearing them in disgust at the way their capitalist fat cats live “You fucking pigs" Sam spits with venomous hatred.  

 "Devil’s Island" is my favourite song on the album, a song based around England itself, a catchy song that’s well put together will have you singing along to its infectious lyrics. "Feather Of Lead" is short and sweet rant about capitalism and its evil nature… It’s loud, it’s fast and it attacks rich people, what more could you desire in a song?

My only criticism of the album is that there are a few songs that are just filler material on the album, forgettable songs that bog down an otherwise exceptional album. Overall however it’s definitely an infectious album, crafted by a group who are quickly becoming experts songsmiths of their trade and forged deep in the fires of brutal metalcore. 

So far Architects haven’t been in the limelight in the same way that other bands are. I believe Daybreaker can change that and finally garner them the recognition and popularity that is so rightly there’s to claim. I suggest you go and purchase Daybreaker and every other Architects album if you don’t possess them already. Truly exceptional band…


Check this out if: You want to see how England does metalcore

For fans of: Devil Sold His Soul, Memphis May Fire, Of Mice & Men
Daybreaker is out now on Century Media Records

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