Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bands To Watch: Strychnia - Reanimated Monstrosity (2013)

Hello folks, I'm back again with some tasty new death metal for y'all. This time it's Dayton, New Jersey's Strychnia and their EP "Reanimated Monstrosity". Enjoy...

1. Reanimated Monstrosity (Feat. John Gallagher)
2. War Sermon
3. Killdozer
4. Cephalectomy
5. Slaughtered

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sonic Obliteration 2013: London Underworld - 4th May 2013

After being off the grid for a couple of weeks now, something I apologise to you guys profusely for, I'm back with a new live review, this time covering my jaunt to London last Saturday for 2013's Sonic Obliteration fest. On the 4th of May 2013 the Underworld played host to 9 extraordinary bands in an entire day of unparallelled death metal carnage. Despite not everything going to plan a good time was had by all and every band performed excellently.