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Obituary: Rotting Slow In Europe - London The Garage - 5th December 2012

 Obituary were one of the first death metal bands I was ever introduced to, and after being told that they were a must see band I knew this would be the tour to see them on, a tour treating the fans to a set filled with tracks from their first three albums, three undeniable death metal classics.

Braving the train to London for the second time in 3 days (after a spectacular night at Alexisonfire on Monday, see previous review) I finally got to Highbury, the site of The Garage, found my friend and holed up in the nearest pub, the hilariously titled "The Famous Cock".

This was my first time ever attending a gig at the garage and I must say while it seemed to be a fairly cool venue, being unable to move due to the gig being sold out was not a good feeling. Plus due to the designated smoking are being outside the front door, which was a single set of double doors, while people were still coming in, meaning a queue quickly formed, locking down the entire hallway. The lack of space was fairly discomforting, but that was a small negative on an overall fantastic evening.

The Amenta (7) a band who bill themselves as industrial death metal, but in reality come off as an Australian version of Behemoth with the occasional industrial part thrown in. Nothing outstanding but a good start to the evening. Psycroptic (9) change that completely however. The Tasmanian tech-death mob are on fine form tonight and tear through their set with the intensity and ferocity of their homelands famous devil. Frontman Jason Peppiatt is on top form, but looks odd with a full head of hair.

Everything is still going strong when Macabre (7) take the stage. A band I've heard of from numerous sources but never checked out, they seem to be a fairly standard death metal affair but with a lyrical focus entirely on famous serial killers, a subject so often used in death metal it borders on cliché. However the Britney Spears style ear mic the singer uses was amusing and musically the band was fairly enjoyable.

When Obituary (10) take to the stage, all hell breaks loose. Fans are clearly ecstatic to see the band return to our shores, and hearing every member of the crowd growl along with John Tardy is absolutely brilliant. Crowd favourites in particular are "Turned Inside Out", "Chopped In Half", "The End Complete" and the ever popular "Slowly We Rot". This is a band that has never lost a step and is still on top form live after nearly 25 years. Obituary have blown me away tonight and are clearly still among death metal royalty. And long may they reign.

Obituary Setlist:
  1. Stinkupuss
  2. Intoxicated
  3. Bloodsoaked
  4. Immortal Visions
  5. Gates To Hell
  6. Infected
  7. Cause Of Death
  8. Chopped In Half
  9. Turned Inside Out
  10. Body Bag
  11. Back To One
  12. Killing Time
  13. The End Complete
  14. Dead Silence
  15. I'm In Pain
  16. Slowly We Rot
Slowly We Rot, Cause Of Death & The End Complete are all available on Roadrunner Records

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