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Deicide - Norwich Waterfront - 18th March 2013

And so today I have a new article for you lovely people, a live review of Deicide's triumphant gig at Norwich's Waterfront last week, and an album review of "Terror Regime", the latest from Midwest death metal mainstays Jungle Rot to come tomorrow. Comment, request a review, any feedback or suggestions are welcome. Enjoy...

Deicide have long been considered one of the most important bands in death metal, in no small part due to frontman Glen Benton's well known anti-religious views and lyrics. However Deicide are so much more than that. Their speed and brutality have long been held in high regard, and since the departure of the Hoffman brothers on guitars and the addition of Jack Owen (Ex-Cannibal Corpse) & Kevin Quirion (Order Of Ennead) as well implementing some new found thrashier elements (particularly in their soloing), Deicide have arguably never sounded better. And after the cancellation of last years tour and the band's scheduled appearance at bloodstock, this tour was unmissable in my eyes.

Pouring into the Waterfront and journeying upstairs, I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't eagerly awaiting a chance to see Deicide in such a small environment. But of course first I need to mention the support bands...

Karnak (7), an Italian tech-death band didn't make the greatest impression on me to begin but as their set went on I found myself enjoying them quite a bit, sadly the 5 members had less than no room on the Waterfront's tiny stage. However the band possessed a lot of energy and determination, qualities which I must give them credit for. A worthy start to the night.

Next up were France's Destinity (8), and from the start their 7 string barrage of riffs went down very well, like a cross between Gojira and some of Nile's slower, chuggier riffs (fans of Nile will know exactly what I mean). However, sound problems began quite soon into their set and soon the vocalist was impossible to understand as well as his guitar cutting out intermittently. The brave Frenchmen battled on regardless and still managed to impress some of the crowd, including myself.

Finally, when Glen, Steve, Jack and Kevin took the stage, the crowd's excitement was at its peak. Deicide (10) waste no time in tearing us all new arseholes by tearing into "Homage For Satan" straight away. Glen Benton is as dry and sarcastic as ever, providing some hilarious mid song banter, but the interludes are few and far between, as the band focus on providing the best setlist possible as a way of making good on their cancelled tour last year. Hits from almost every album make an appearance, with particular focus on
2011's "To Hell With God" and their self titled d├ębut. In my personal opinion these guys are as tight as I've ever seen, all 4 of them in sync, and it's very hard not to windmill like a maniac throughout. A friend of mine even did the Harlem Shake in the moshpit during Deicide's set, something which caused great amusement. This is possibly the finest gig I've ever attended in Norwich, and certainly one of the best death metal gigs. "Dead By Dawn", "Conviction" and "Lunatic Of God's Creation" are particular favourites of mine, and caused me to almost go hoarse growling along like Glen.

After the show we cautiously ventured backstage and managed to hang out with the band in the Waterfront's minuscule upstairs dressing room. We had some excellent banter with the guys in the band, found out why last year's tour was cancelled (issues with the promoter and promises being reneged on) and heard some very interesting stories from Glen and Steve regarding the Florida death metal scene and its beginnings. We all got signed tickets and I even got a picture with one of my guitar idols, JACK FUCKING OWEN!!!

Me with Jack Fucking Owen!!

This night was a complete success and I can recommend to anyone that's even a casual fan of Deicide to catch them live, you won't be disappointed.

Deicide Setlist:

1. Homage For Satan
2. Dead By Dawn
3. Once Upon The Cross
4. Scars Of The Crucifix
5. Serpents Of The Light
6. When Satan Rules His World
7. Save Your
8. Oblivious To Evil
9. Hang In Agony Until You're Dead
10. Conviction
11. Blame It On God
12. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
13. Witness Of Death
14. Desecration
15. Into The Darkness You Go
16. How Can You Call Yourself A God
17. Sacrificial Suicide
18. Lunatic Of God's Creation

To Hell With God is out now on Century Media Records

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