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Cannabis Corpse + Ghoul - London Underworld - 9th February 2013

Hello again everyone, and welcome to my first live review of 2013. Despite this not being my first gig of the year I decided that this would be my first gig to review, due to me only knowing half the setlist for Korpiklaani, and the fact that I was too fucked at Orange Goblin to even begin to remember the song order. This was definitely the best gig of the year so far though. So let's get to business...

Despite not being serious in any sense of the world, Cannabis Corpse definitely rank among my favourite death metal bands. So as soon as I saw they had a UK tour planned, my friends and I knew that an evening of "satanic reefer worship" was in order. However we foolishly decided to spend the day before in London as well with hopes to go to another gig, but as I shall explain below, all did not work in our favour.

After being seriously delayed leaving to drive to London (I'm talking like 3 hours late or something due to some fucking stupid circumstances) we didn't get into London until around quarter to 7, and when we got to the Underworld we discovered that not only had the gig we wanted to attend that night (Vader) sold out, but that the band we wanted to see the most (Aborted) had already played nearly their pitiful 45 minute set. So with in mind we decided to do what we do best, and get fucked. Heading back to the hotel for the night we vowed that no matter what the following day would be better. At least we had pre-bought tickets for cannabis corpse so entry to the gig was no issue.

However, I digress...

Arriving in Camden bright and (fairly) early the next morning, we had a nice wonder around for while, desperately attempting to fend off packs of Turkish men trying to sell us cheap snapbacks and crappy smoking paraphernalia. After going for a smoke and having some rather excellent Thai food from Camden market, we went to The World's End pub to await another friend of mine, after paying nearly £4 for a pint of shitty cider (rip-off) we decided to be slightly reckless and bought tickets to see Carcass. FUCKING CARCASS!!! The day before, Carcass had announced that they would play a string of 3 dates at the underworld in March, and would be available only from the worlds end pub, for £6 each. So after buying tickets for myself and each of my companions, plus a couple as a special favour to a friend back home, we decided to descend into the underworld and check out what was going on.

Three amigos and Cannabis Corpse \m/
Spying the guys from Cannabis corpse at the merch stand we went over and made some nice conversation, my friends buying a shirt each (complete with hilarious designs), and after much deliberation I decided to purchase a vinyl. After quickly chatting to bassist/vocalist Landphil about his plans with Municipal Waste at Bloodstock, we enquired as to whether the band would appreciate joining us for a smoke at the end. They were such great genuine guys and were very appreciative of the offer. We even got a picture with them \m/

Popping off for a cheeky smoke, we returned and were stood outside the Underworld having a cigarette when we were accosted by a homeless woman who tried to steal my mate's lighter, harassed me for money and then threatened to piss in my other friend's face. Just goes to show there are fucking lunatics everywhere I guess. Safe to say we thankfully didn't see her again.

Soon after this strange turn of events, Ghoul (7) took to the stage and wasted no time bombarding us with their gore filled thrashy brand of death metal. Tracks like "Blood Feast" and "As Your Casket Closes" went down great. The stage antics and banter between songs was also very amusing, but sadly the poor sound teching ruined a lot of the fun for me, and especially for my friends (both of whom are music tech students). All in all Ghoul played well but a better sound engineer would have made the performance much better.

Finally when Cannabis Corpse (10) take to the stage everyone is incredibly excited to see them. And within seconds of opening track "Lunatic Of Pot's Creation" everyone goes fucking crazy, Landphil has taken over on vocals after previous vocalist "Weedgrinder" departed last year, but he looks very comfortable growling and shredding on the bass simultaneously.

The dudes in CC fucking killing it
The band ploughs through track after track of brutal weed reverence, packing in tracks from all 3 albums and "Skull full of bong hits" from 2009's "The Weeding" EP. Landphil, along with drummer Hallhammer and Guitarist Brent Legion are in frightening sync. "Mummified In Bong Water" sounds just like what would have happened if Chuck Schuldiner had said "fuck the pretext, let's write songs about pot!", and it sounds just so good. Earlier songs such "Reefer Stashed Place", "Blunted At Birth" and "Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red" all from the band's first album, sound as brutal and cool as ever. The only tracks missing that for me would have made the setlist perfect are "Every Bud Smoken" and "Addicted To Hash In A Tin", both from 2008's excellent "Tube Of The Resinated".

Finishing on the excellent "Immortal Pipes" the band begin to pack up, and once finished signal us to join them backstage. While enjoying a couple of joints, the band signed all our tickets along with my vinyl, and we managed to track down all the members of Ghoul to sign a piece of paper for us. Both bands were full of really cool guys and it was certainly an awesome experience.

In summary, this was an amazing day, definitely my best gig of the year so far, and it definitely made up for the day before being so shitty. Definitely worth the trip and all the money we spent, plus I get to go see fucking CARCASS!!!

I have a few more gigs in the next few weeks, and I'll be publishing a couple more album reviews in a few days but until then, I'm out. PEACE!!! \m/

Signed ticket and vinyl fuckers!!!!
Cannabis Corpse Setlist:

1. Lunatic Of Pot's Creation
2. Skull Full Of Bong Hits
3. The Chronolith
4. Mummified In Bong Water
5. Reefer Stashed Place
6. Gateways To Inhalation
7. Where The Kind Live
8. Fucked With Northern Lights
9. Sentenced To Burn One
10. Blunted At Birth
11. Dead By Bong
12. Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
13. Immortal Pipes

Cannabis Corpse's latest album "Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise" is out now on Tankcrimes Records

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