Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mutiny Within - II: Synchronicity (2013)

After a few delays this year I'm proud to present ParaReviews' first review of 2013, and it couldn't have been a better first review in my opinion. A favourite band of mine, and one I'm immensely happy to have back in my life, Mutiny Within and their second album Synchronicity!!!

1. Embers
2. In My Veins
3. In A Moment
4. Falls To Pieces
5. Machines
6. Never
7. Become
8. Lights
9. Balance
10. Life To Dust
11. Signs
12. The Unsaid

Mutiny Within are a band that I've always enjoyed greatly and their breakup deeply saddened me. So when I heard on Christmas day 2012 they were releasing a new album at the beginning of January I was overjoyed. On the day of release I went and quite happily paid 10$ for my copy on the band's Bandcamp and I can say with absolutely certainty that this album kicks major ass. Mutiny Within can still churn out the same kickass mix of melodic death metal and metalcore they were able to dazzle with before.

Opening track "Embers" starts off great, showing that vocalist Chris Clancy still has an outstanding set of pipes and can belt out chorus after chorus with all the emotion in the world while still growling with the best of them. "Embers" in particular has a chorus that will lift you up and cut right to the core, with a very poignant video that shows how the band lost their label and livelihoods due to illegal downloading. "In My Veins" shows that the band haven't lost their technical side and is full of great riffs that will get stuck in your head for ages afterwards. "In A Moment" has another great sing-along chorus, something this record is full of.

"Machines" is definitely a high point for heaviness on this album, with Chris's growls sounding as fresh and fierce as ever. This track has a definite lamb of god meets melo-death vibe to it, and I love it. "Life To Dust" and "The Unsaid" both bring the heavy as well, vocally and instumentally and are essential tracks because of it (especially the solo on "Life To Dust").

This album manages to mix melody with heaviness in an excellent way. "Lights", "Signs" and "Become" all have excellent melodic sections, but every song on this album has a chorus worthy of being shouted along to at the top of your voice.

In my opinion this second album is a sign that these guys were meant to carry on releasing music. If you listen to this album and enjoy it then please for fucks sake buy the album from their bandcamp and give them some money so they can carry on touring and releasing great albums like this. And if you know of any metal labels looking for new signings, give these guys a chance to kick ass again. Meanwhile I'll be waiting for a cd release and the tours this will hopefully get them due to it being a massive success. Long live Mutiny Within!!


Check this out if: If you enjoy Melodic death metal and want to hear a very enjoyable US take on it, you're an old fan wanting to hear new shit, or you love wicked riffs with heartfelt choruses

For fans of: Times Of Grace, Taking Dawn, Threat Signal

Mutiny Within II: Synchronicity is self-released and is available now from most digital retailers but if you can then get it from their Bandcamp, it's only 10$ (£6) but every bit of it will go towards helping them get on their feet again. These guys deserve it.

That's all for now but I'll be back in the next couple days with a couple of sneak peeks at upcoming albums. Until then, stay metal \m/

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