Saturday, 10 November 2012

Trash Talk - 119 (2012)

And after another absence we finally have some new reviews coming your way. Here's Aaron's review for Sacramento Hardcore mob Trash Talk's latest album 119. Enjoy...

1. Eat The Cycle 2:19
2. Exile On Broadway 1:12
3. My Rules 1:03
4. F.E.B.N. 1:37
5. Uncivil Disobedience 1:17
6. Blossom & Burn (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats) 2:31
7. Reasons 2:14
8. Fuck Nostalgia 1:51
9. Apathy 1:48
10. Thanks, But No Thanks 1:22
11. Bad Habits 1:08
12. Swinging To Pieces 0:53
13. For The Lesser Good 0:28
14. Dogman 2:21
Total Time: 21:57

Lots of bands struggle to harness the forces of Chaos and Anarchy. Trash Talk is not one of them, as 119 illustrates. Trash Talk are a rare band in the world of hardcore nowadays, instead of choosing to imitate the new school of Hardcore like Hatebreed or recreate NYHC in the style of Madball, this Sacramento mob wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, namely Minor Threat, Black Flag and Circle Jerks. The bands fourth solo album simmers with all the chaotic rage you’d expect from them, and I dig it. 

This is a band notorious for their controversial incidents on and off stage. Whether it’s throwing bins into mosh pits (with interesting results), getting caught with a shitload of marijuana or getting banned from several venues the last time they visited the U.K., but at the same time these guys are down to earth and dedicated to their music and their lifestyle. A genuine band who create some good old fashioned anarchic hardcore, the like of which is a breath of fresh air.

This psychotic mob make some of the most deranged Hardcore you’ll ever hear. Guaranteed. The album ignites with fury on “F.E.B.N”, “For The Lesser Good” and “Uncivil Disobedience” leaving you with that hate filled feeling that inspires you to assault your fellow man. Full of rage, hatred and chaos these songs embody everything an album of its kind should.  This album fails to disappoint as it contains all of the high levels of brutality and energy a Trash Talk album should possess.

“Blossom & Burn” is an interesting song as it features Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats of Odd Future, due to the band’s recent signing to Odd Future Records. This song adds Tyler and Hodgy’s rapping without turning this from Hardcore into abominable Rapcore. This song might not be for everyone, but I feel Tyler and Hodgy’s dark and violent lyrics mesh well with this song to create a rather interesting collaboration and a nice deviation from the usual formula.

My only criticism really is the lack of structure and flow that is blatant throughout this record, An album without much purpose other than for chaos for chaos’s sake… However, still a bloody good album, if not to everyone’s taste but if you’re a fan of hardcore, punk or just going crazy in a mosh pit and assaulting a complete stranger; this is the band for you. I’m Aaron Anarchy and I approve this album.


Check this out if: You enjoy old-school hardcore and want to see it done in a modern fashion

For fans of: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Discharge
119 is out now on Odd Future Records

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