Friday, 28 September 2012

Revocation - Teratogenesis E.P. (2012)

01. The Grip Tightens 4:11
02. Spurn The Outstretched Hand 4:01
03. Maniacally Unleashed 3:41
04. Teratogenesis 4:06
05. Bound By Desire 5:35
Total Time: 21:38

Boston, Massachusetts band Revocation are an interesting bunch to say the least. Peddling a strange yet powerful and unique mix of thrash & technical death metal has won them much praise and an ever growing fanbase in the 6 years since their formation. Vocalist/lead guitarist David Davidson has garnered acclaim from many sources due to his complex playing style and powerful yet still intelligible vocals. Thanks to the good folks at Scion A/V we have a brand new EP from these guys available 100% legally for the sweet price of absolutely nothing (hallelujah, free stuff!!!!!).

This EP starts in a whirlwind of fury and is relentless for its entire 21 runtime. "The Grip Tightens" starts out as a fairly standard thrashfest, and leads into a very catchy & technical solo half way through. Early on it becomes apparent once again that although the rest of the band may also be exceptionally talented, Davidson is the star of the show here.

"Spurn The Outstretched Hand" has a fantastic midpace tech-death feel to it with a very interesting jazz-influenced bridge and solo. "Maniacally Unleashed" thrashes the fuck out with some inspired drum fills from Phil Dubois. Sadly the bass gets lost in the mix for the most part, but the band is still so musically interesting that there's more than enough to keep you engrossed for it's entirety. "Teratogenesis" really allows the band to show us what they're made of, mixing a turbo charged thrashy chorus, with a crushingly heavy bridge and a wonderful extended solo, ending in a half doom, half jazz influenced outro breakdown.

Finishing on a high note, "Bound By Desire" lets rip with a impressive solo halfway through that sticks in the mind long after the song has finished.

I can find very little to dislike about this EP, the fact that it's available for free legally is a big factor I must admit, but a band like Revocation has honed their music and performance down to a fine art. As I mentioned earlier, the bass is overshadowed for most of the EP, but musically is sound as always, and will sound fantastic live as is to be expected. New bassist Brett Bamberger has clearly integrated well into the group and will hopefully add his own flair to the music as time goes on.

Since their first album in 2008, Revocation have shown their ability and promise over and over, and this new material, while short, shows that as usual they are on fine form and show no signs of letting up any time soon.


Check this out if: You're a Revocation fan, you enjoy getting free stuffs legally like I do, or you want to see how Thrash and Tech-Death can merge into catchy, technical bliss.

For fans of: Revocation, Havok, Obscura
Teratogenesis is available here from Scion A/V

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